Oil Heating Services

Falconi Energy is your local, community-based supplier of quality fuels.

Oil heat is a safe and reliable system, so you can heat your home with an energy source you can trust.

Over 10 million households in the US enjoy the safety, reliability, and eco-friendliness of oil heat. Did you know that new oil heat technology produces efficiency ratings that exceed 92%? These products earn EPA’s Energy Star® endorsement. Not only are these heating systems eco-friendly, but they are also economical. In fact, the same number of oil heat consumers today are using millions fewer gallons than a generation ago. 

Top Reasons Our Customers Choose Oil Heat

  • Oil Heat is Safe

Heating oil does not burn in a liquid state and is non-explosive, unlike natural gas. Oil heating is widely considered as a safe method to consistently heat your home. 

  • Oil Heat is Efficient

New equipment and advanced technologies have made oil heat one of the most efficient sources of heat - up to 95% efficient. Since oil heat burns hotter than natural gas, it provides a more efficient type of heating with a higher level of heat per BTU.

  • Oil Heat is Clean

Oil heat burns 95% cleaner today than 25 years ago, with fewer emissions than ever. Oil tanks are created to be leak-proof, therefore do not emit any toxic gases. 

  • Oil Heat is Economical

In 25 out of the last 32 years, oil has been less expensive than natural gas and (adjusted for inflation) oil heat is less expensive now than it was in 1980. 

  • Oil Heat is Dependable

There are more oil reserves being located every day, and with over 40 countries producing crude oil, you can depend on plenty of supply for the present and the future.

  • Oil Heat is Comfortable

Unlike some other heating sources, oil heat is comfortable because of its non-evasive nature.

Fuel Purchasing Plan Options:

Energy prices can rise and fall sharply in this economy, causing consumers to pay more than necessary for oil heat. Falconi Energy takes the uncertainty out of fuel buying with price protection programs that lockout uncertainty. You can choose between a Capped Price Plan that won’t increase but can decrease 

or a Fixed Price Plan that will not increase or decrease.

At Falconi Energy we strive to provide the best options for your household and budget that will suit your needs! 


Capped price for oil with monthly payment plan.

Get $.05 off each gallon for on time payments, or $.10 off for ACH payments. ​

  • Protection from rising fuel prices
  • You benefit from price decreases as they occur
  • Enrollment fee applies to cover the cost of price insurance

Max Capped

Fuel price never exceeds pre-determined cap amount. Pay upon delivery at either Market Price or Max Capped amount (whichever is lower)

  • Protection from rising fuel prices
  • You benefit from price decreases as they occur
  • Enrollment fee applies to cover the cost of price insurance

Fixed Price

Fixed price for fuel despite market fluctuation, your cost will not increase or decrease. Choose between monthly payments, or pay upon delivery.

  • No enrollment fee
  • No price increase or decrease 
  • Monthly payment options via credit, check, or ACH bank payments


Lock in your price and prepay annually for your oil. Refills whenever you need it with no monthly fees or price increases.

  • No enrollment fee
  • No price increase or decrease 
  •  Pre-pay annually for automatic refills for the season.

Market Price

Pay list price for each delivery when needed based on market pricing. (Fuel pricing fluctuates with current market value)

  • No enrollment fee
  • No price protection
  • Pay market pricing upon delivery

A Two-Way Commitment

Price protection is a two-way binding commitment. Falconi Energy honors our prices, regardless of how high they go. At the same time, the customer agrees to purchase all the oil we have purchased for them. Our suppliers expect us to uphold our purchase commitments, and we ask the same of our customers.

To enroll in the pricing program of your choice, please call our office at 508-485-0377