Over 90 Years

of Reliable Service

We take pride our level of service and longevity.

"Big enough to serve you, small enough to know you!" 

Our team is dedicated to this service philosophy. They are not just trained to deliver safe, reliable, and technology-driven service, but they are trained to understand the concept of true differentiation. When you interact with a Falconi Energy employee, you will meet someone driven to be the best.


Trust that our technicians, drivers, and customer service personnel have received the most up-to-date training available. Trust that service equipment and delivery vehicles are expertly maintained. 

Trust that when you call Falconi Energy you get everything you could possibly expect and more.


For all your household heating and cooling needs, Falconi Energy is the local service you can rely on. Find out more today by giving us a call. We look forward to serving you!